A Family Member as a Surrogate Mother

Consider a family member as an alternative to a strange surrogate mother. Find out advantages and disadvantages of such surrogates.
A Family Member as a Surrogate Mother
When one of the members of the family proposes to become a Surrogate Mother, for some couples it may seem like a dream come true. The reason of it is that it becomes possible to save thousands of dollars in agency fees, and it is much more comforting to have personal knowledge of the medical history as well as the background of the Surrogate Mother. However, it is also possible that such closeness of the family relations can lead to other areas of difficulty. That is why it is extremely important to evaluate the whole situation in the most careful way and take the following issues into consideration.

Surrogate Mother’s Fee and Expense Reimbursement
It is quite possible that the Surrogate Mother may consider her participation in the surrogacy agreement as an “act of love”, and she may be refusing any financial compensation, the couple of the Intended Parents may fee uncomfortable with this so – called “imbalance”. Some contribution to the Surrogate Mother’s child / children college fund or sending the entire family of the Surrogate Mother on a deluxe vacation after the delivery takes place may be referred to possible alternatives to a Surrogate Mother’s fee. In the same way the Surrogate Mother may deny having any reimbursement for out – of – pocket expenses, such as childcare, lost wages, maternity clothes, transportation, etc. while the Surrogate Mother may not desire to realize a profit, these accumulated expenses can possibly be substantial and place a financial burden on her family. However, it is possible to eliminate dealing with receipts and reimbursements, if regular deposits will be made to the Surrogate Mother’s checking account. In case if the Surrogate Mother is employed, then the coverage for lost wages in case of a prolonged absence from work may be provided with the help of securing a pregnancy disability policy. Therefore, it should be noted, that this kind of insurance is not available for all occupations or income levels. 

Psychological Evaluation
For most people it will seem ridiculous to schedule any psychological evaluation for someone’s sister, cousin, aunt, niece, etc. however, a highly experienced mental health professional will be able to conduct an independent assessment and help the future Surrogate Mother take a careful look at whether her choice would be appropriate for her, as well as for her family. Most evaluations include oral interview and written psychological testing. To factors, which are usually taken into consideration belong the motivation of the Surrogate Mother, her concerns as for the coming medical procedure, her moral and religious attitude as for the surrogacy agreement, her ability to give her child up right after he or she arrives, support, a woman receive from her family and friends, comprehension and acceptance of all possible medical risks, as well as emotional maturity. it is possible to obtain a referral to an experienced mental health professional through Resolve, OPTS or the treating physician. 

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