Sexual Surrogacy

Get to know what sexual surrogacy is, learn more about sexual therapy for infertility treatment and get rid of myths about sex surrogates.
A sex surrogate is just a member of a sex therapy team who can be engaged in intimate physical or sexual relations with a client in order to achieve a therapeutic goal.
You can find both men and women practicing surrogacy, there are even married couples. Some of them work as a part of team at counseling centers, others offer independent services. You may choose among variety of surrogates but don't hesitate to ask for professional certificates. 
Myths about Sex Surrogates
There are still mistaken beliefs as to what "sexual surrogacy" means. Here you can find a debunking of the most common myths about sex surrogates.
Sex Surrogate: What is it?
There are many different people with a variety of problems. Get to know what a sex surrogate means and how to overcome all these problems.
Sexual Surrogate Therapy
Here you can find out about sexual surrogate therapy that doesn’t consider sex as a device, or as a release, just only as communication and education issues.